Recruiter With Usa Company - Work From Home - Santo Domingo

Recruiter With Usa Company - Work From Home - Santo Domingo

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Recruiter With Usa Company - Work From Home - Santo Domingo

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DESCRIPCIÓN: Nearshore Staffing is a USA based company that sets up English speaking people in the DR to work from home who we assign to companies in America as recruiters and online recruiting assistants.
We set up people as home based independent contractor and we prepay for each month!
Important, if you send us your resume, please put the dates you started and ended jobs on the resume with a good description of the work for each job.
A recruiter will search online resume databases to find qualified people to contact, call them in the USA and share a job opening. Then, ask people if they are interested and have a basic phone interview.
Then, send qualified people to the American recruiting manager to take over.
Sometimes the work is searching online resume databases to find qualified people and other times the work is calling to make contact and tell people about jobs and ask if they are interested.
Our preferred locations are near Santo Domingo or Santiago but are open to other areas of the DR for people who are well qualified for this type of work.
This job is 8 to 5 or 9 to 6 eastern USA time zone. To be a recruiter, you must be a good talker and preferably have experience dealing with people such as a call center, resort of a job where communicating with people in English was routine.
To work at home you must have a good computer and internet, a quiet place to work at home to be professional, good computer skills and very good English is important. Any college or professional education is a bonus.
We will provide all necessary recruiter training.
Please email the English version of your resume as an attached document and remember to add the dates of employment for each job plus a good description for each job, especially over the past 3 years as current work experience is what we look for.
********** our website is Requisitos Fluent speaking English.
Working at home requires a good computer, good internet and a quiet room to work without many distractions.
Computer skills with Microsoft office knowledge.
An inverter at home in case the power goes out.
Responsibility and organization. Indispensable • Nivel académico de Estudiante Universitario
• 2 ó más años de experiencia
• Inglés: lee y conversa con cierta fluidez
Preferible • 24 a 50 años de edad
ISCO Empleados de oficina, grupo 4

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