Recruiter For Accounting And Finance Work At Home - Santo Domingo

Recruiter For Accounting And Finance Work At Home - Santo Domingo

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Recruiter For Accounting And Finance Work At Home - Santo Domingo

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DESCRIPCIÓN: Nearshore Staffing is a USA based company that finds English speaking people in the Dominican Republic to work from home as independent contractors assigned with companies in the USA.
Example, we can pre-train you with recruiting skills and assign you with an American company that takes over training you to work and recruit the way they want.
Each month we prepay you direct by bank wire.
A recruiting firm in New York that specializes at recruiting accounting and finance professionals wants us to find a person in the DR who can work an 8 hour shift starting at 4 in the afternoon. This is not the guaranteed time but is a good example.
The job would be remotely accessing the company owner’s recruiting websites to help them find and message people about accounting and finance jobs in the New York area.
Over time, this job can grow into becoming a full recruiter.
To qualify you must speak and type excellent English, have a good computer and internet that are powerful enough to work online without problems. Must be able to work at home without distractions that would affect ability to work. Any education or experience with accounting or finance would be helpful being this job is to be a recruiting assistant/searcher for accounting jobs and people.
The pay can be 30,000 pesos per month with potential for a bonus plan to eventually be created.
Please email the English version of your resume to ********** and our website is
David Fogg Requisitos Fluent speaking English.
Working at home requires a good computer, good internet and a quiet room to work without many distractions.
Computer skills with Microsoft office knowledge.
An inverter at home in case the power goes out.
Responsibility and organization. Indispensable • Nivel académico de Estudiante Universitario
• 2 ó más años de experiencia
• Inglés: lee y conversa con cierta fluidez
Preferible • 24 a 50 años de edad
ISCO Empleados de oficina, grupo 4

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