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Ingeniero Industrial

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Crosstown Courier Service is an around the clock delivery service, offering punctual, high quality, cost-effective transport of time sensitive materials. We are proud to have served Hospitals, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Printing, and Banking Industries as well as the Federal Government for many years.

Business Process Manager

Be awesome. Know how to Google and figure stuff out. Have fun. Don’t be an idiot.

Position is essentially to assist and support our Operations manager and Project Manager in general issue resolution and overall underlying process improvement.

Realistically 50 percent of the position is general acute issue resolution and the other 50% will be process improvement projects, training, and enforcement. We have a team of 5 Dispatchers and 200 drivers that need trained and enforced. Some of the work will be picking through and organizing routes and route times to make timeliness goals. Depending on aptitude, performance and general awesomeness level there is room for growth and advancement. We are a growing small to mid sized business and strive to be a meritocracy.

Position is 100% work from home, salary, a minimum of 40 hours a week is expected but we don’t count hours we just work – we are pretty much results only. Be available and get it done. Since this position is work from home we expect self management and self direction. You would be expected to make your own job, contribute to our team. Do this and and everyone is happy.
Boring Job Description:

Job Responsibilities

- General issue research, management, and resolution through designing, implementing, and managing processes to achieve quality improvement goals.
- Apply knowledge acquired on business process modeling notations to various forms of documenting processes.
- Facilitate any organizational process training involving liaising with users and process requirements.
- Carry out professional measuring and monitoring, as well as provision of feedback on performance of business processes.
- Educate Business users that are responsible for the operation and management of various business processes.
- Lead the redesigned processes.
- Manage changes in process.
- Identify, detect, and create business processes towards accomplishing business goals specific for the organization.
- Discern the difference between various steps and business processes recorded on a flow chart.
- Analyze business steps and processes to enable easy determination of their constituents.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

- Degree in Industrial Engineering, Logistics Management, Operational Management, Operations and Information Management or related field.

-Possess ability for business management
- Possess strong English written and verbal communication skills
- Ability to develop and entrench change techniques in an organization
- Ability to build on the vision of the business organization
- Ability to discover and establish business process
- Ability to design, carry out analysis, and model business processes
- Ability to construct business process methodology toolbox
- Skill for business process simulation and optimization
- Skill for application development
- Possess required technical skills
- Ability to establish and govern business process towards excellence performance
- Ability to make decisions fast and also establish rules towards proper business management
- Ability to facilitate business process and monitor other members of staff towards attaining business goal
- Ability to benchmark and analyze various business processes.

Please respond with a Resume in English. A number of us (including the President) speak Spanish but not all of the evaluation team speak Spanish. Please include your Spanish resume but to be considered please at least provide a synopsis your resume in English. The most important points and why you would be good for the position will suffice.

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