High School Language Arts Teacher

High School Language Arts Teacher


High School Language Arts Teacher

Detalles de la oferta

Job skills:

-Develop students academic language fluency to be able to converse about a variety of
topics and research and interpret texts in literature and a wide range of informational
content areas.

- Develop students oral communication skills through classroom discussions, debates and
public speaking.

- Through a variety of mediums (literature and other written texts, visuals, music, videos,
cinema) develop critical thinking skills.

-Explore the writing process by creating writings for a variety of purposes.

Academic Requirement:
-Bachelors in education or related field.
-Masters or specialty in education areas, or certifications.

Minimum 2 years giving classes or jobs related to the education area (preferably).

Nivel Jerárquico: Empleado




  • Microsoft Office


  • Inglés
  • Español

Estudio Mínimo Necesario: Grado Terciario Completo

Áreas de estudio:

  • Educación

Edad: Desde 26 Hasta 50 Años